Investing In Renewable Energy

Solar power, and indeed renewable and green energy, are substantial parts of the energy production in many countries around the world. Some European countries have begun enjoying whole days where their energy needs have been met without the need for any fossil fuel at all. In North America, renewable energy makes up an ever-growing part of the energy mix.

Sculler Energy evaluates many opportunities to develop and participate in renewable energy projects, not limited just to solar power. As part of the Sculler Group, it is well placed to employ both private equity and other financial instruments, along with a deep energy pedigree to realise those opportunities that represent great investments.

Other areas we focus on:

  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Hydroelectric Power
  • Wind Power
  • Grid Stabilization Technologies
  • Energy Storage

Renewable energy, and in particular solar energy, remains an important industry in Canada, the USA, and other countries. It promises to be a very attractive space for investors, and Sculler Energy is at the center of it.